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Jameson's Summer Bags Tournament
Joliet, IL

THE PERFECT WARM UP FOR PLAINFIELD!! We're adding $500 to the byop tourney and $250 to each of the 2 blind draws. Here's the schedule...Blind draw #1 sign up starts at 11am and bags fly at noon. $250 added to the prize pot. Sign up for the byop tourney starts at 1pm and it will start as soon as the first blind draw is over (approx 2:30-3pm) $500 added to the prize pot of the byop tourney! Blind draw #2 sign up starts at 5pm and will start as soon as the byop tourney is over. $250 added to Blind draw #2. ALL TOURNAMENTS ARE BRING YOUR OWN BAGS OPTION! Entry fee for both blind draws is $20/person and $40/team for the byop. There will be drink specials and giveaways from Jameson's. For more info call Rudy (815) 440-4096 or

Silver Lake Civic Association January Bean Bag Tournament
Silver Lake, MN
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